An artificial putting green in Tampa is already stunning on its own. Lush and green, it brings home the elegant looks of a golf course to your backyard. However, there are still so many ways to customize your artificial putting green design so it complements your landscape perfectly. Check out these three synthetic grass backyard designs!

4 Ways to Beautify Your Artificial Landscape

The great thing about landscaping with the highest quality synthetic turf is its versatility. Artificial grass isn’t held back by the conditions limiting natural grass (e.g., the need for regular watering, adequate sunlight, fertile soil, etc.).

With the help of expert installers, you can install artificial grass products wherever you want in your landscape and have a stunning setup in just a few days.

Ready to beautify your home’s scenery? Draw inspiration from these creative turf solutions for landscaping your putting green:

1. Mix various types of artificial grass to decorate your golf green.

While putting greens do require a very specific type of synthetic grass, you can complement it with different turf shades, colors and pile heights. For example, you can create a checkerboard effect using different shades of green artificial turf in Tampa FL. You can also visually highlight your putting green by covering the surrounding area including a darker/lighter shade of synthetic turf.

In addition, it’s easy to create creative patterns using synthetic turf products. Got a specific color scheme in mind? Want to add characters or symbols to your putting green? All doable with artificial turf!

2. Add texture to backyard putting greens with hardscape.

Wood, stone, concrete and other forms of hardscape bring order and uniformity to landscapes. However, if there is little to no greenery to offset them, they can make the setup cold and uninviting. Integrating hardscape with your putting green makes it more visually interesting while making the installation more durable.

Some great ideas are installing flagstone paths through the course or outlining it in stone edging. For a more whimsical touch, you can also use colorful mosaic tiles to break up the greenery. Want a clear focal point? Place major hardscaping elements like decorative boulders in one corner of your putting green.

3. Soften your putting green with landscaping curves.

Expert installers can cut artificial grass for homes in Tampa to fit spaces of all shapes and sizes. That means you don’t have to limit your installation to straight and geometric designs.

As a result, you can have your putting green in whatever shape you have in mind. This is great if you want your green in an unusual part of your property, like your roof deck, bordering your pool area or in a side yard.

4. Boost your putting green’s privacy with grassy hedges and berms.

Hedges are an excellent way to reduce noise and enjoy more privacy while you practice putting. On the other hand, berms are man-made hills that bring variety to a level patch of land. If there is an area or two in your landscape that could use more privacy, design and install artificial grass-covered hedges or berms around it.

Make the ridges high to diminish noise and make the place less visible. This idea is best with a synthetic turf that has a high pile height.

In addition, you can also use berms to border bunkers and sandtraps or create more challenges on your putting green. Berms can be as high or low as you want and they’re fantastic for adding texture to your landscape.

Enjoy Your Very Own Customized Putting Green in Tampa

An artificial putting green is not just terrific for golfers, but for anyone who wants a more functional and attractive landscape that requires minimal effort. Whether you still want to learn more about putting greens or ready to go ahead with your project, we got you covered. We serve Central Florida and surrounding areas, including Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg and more.

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