Not everyone has a green thumb. Very few enjoy maintaining their yards, either. If you’re both or you just don’t like yard work, you’re going to love Tampa synthetic grass.

It never grows, so you can finally retire that lawnmower. You’ll never have to water or treat it with weedicides, pesticides and fertilizers, too. The most you’ll need to do is brush it up and rinse out dirt every few months. For almost no effort, you get a gorgeous green landscape you can enjoy all year long.

On top of that, there are limitless ways you can design a synthetic lawn. For instance, try these four beautiful and low-maintenance additions to your landscape:

1. Hardscapes

From timber decks to boulder retaining walls, hardscape has many forms and applications. Its range of design possibilities can also be leveraged to set your garden’s theme. Some motifs you can try are Mediterranean, American Southwest and Zen.

With these themes, your artificial turf in Tampa, FL and plants become secondary landscaping elements. The upside is that healthy-looking synthetic grass harmonizes well with any material and texture.

In addition, hardscape doesn’t require much maintenance except for the occasional power wash. This allows you to quickly lower your yard care costs.

2. Landscaping Stones

Landscaping stones are a type of hardscaping that deserve their own place in your garden. This is because of their versatility and appearance.

They can be used as patio flooring, mulch and edging as well as pathways and driveways. But the best part is that they require little to no maintenance.

The best types to get with your Tampa synthetic grass are pea gravel, lava rock, marble chips and brick chips. This is because their bold colors complement the turf’s rich green shade.

3. Outdoor Living Area

You don’t have to maintain your yard for purely aesthetic reasons. In fact, you can add more value to it if you make it functional. And having a living area with artificial turf is one such improvement.

Build a fire pit patio with a shallow pool to replicate a tranquil spa. Alternatively, you can install a backyard bar with a grill, island countertops and an entertainment center.

These luxury features demand less attention than a living garden. What’s more, with the right design, your outdoor living space can just be as attractive.

4. Native Plants

If you want to keep more living elements, then you have to rethink your choice of plants. This is because some are more delicate than others. Besides understanding their needs, be ready for unsuccessful attempts to grow them.

One way to achieve your goals is to overhaul your living garden and pick native plants. Since they fit the local climate and soil conditions, they won’t have special requirements.

Native plants look well grouped together, just like in the wild. With your artificial grass for homes in Tampa, they can be used as a border or as islands dotting the yard.

Enjoy an Effortless Lawn with Artificial Grass

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