Given Florida’s lovely weather and great natural scenery, getting the best putting green for Tampa homes is an excellent idea. However, some people have reservations when it comes to a miniature golf course installation made with artificial grass. The myths that plague synthetic greens also add to the skepticism. Don’t let them play into your decision.

Establish what a putting green can do to your home from the start. Most importantly, learn how to separate fact from fiction when it comes to artificial turf.

Debunking the 5 Common Misconceptions about Synthetic Putting Greens

Artificial greens come with fewer hang-ups than you think. Get over the following myths so that you can have hassle-free synthetic turf installation for your home.

  1. It’s only suitable for casual golf courses.

This quality artificial turf in Tampa, FL is not your average golf surface. It perfectly mimics the covers found on pro-golf surfaces, offering a premium golfing experience. This is because pro-golf course designers themselves were consulted during its development. Moreover, synthetic putting greens are durable and backed by a 15-year warranty, ensuring that golfers of all ages can practice their game on it for as long as they want!

  1. It’s used exclusively for putting shots.

Many people think that because it is referred to as a “putting green,” you could only perform one shot on this golfing surface. This is not the case. Apart from putting, another use for synthetic golf green is chipping. Ask your artificial turf installer to make uneven structures in your putting surface to give you a challenge in creating golf shots.

  1. It can’t include obstacles and uneven terrain.

A home putting green in Tampa is more than just a flat surface with a hole at one end. It’s a highly customizable fixture. You can include features such as sand traps and bunkers on your mini-golfing area. Experienced installers can design and provide installations that cater to both beginner and advanced golfers. Depending on the space of your yard, they can allocate space for the unique fixtures you want.

  1. It’ll get slippery when exposed to moisture.

Outdoor putting greens are vulnerable to the elements. Many avid golfers hold back from getting a synthetic installation because they believe artificial grass can’t handle excess moisture. This is definitely not the case. Synthetic turf has a proprietary drainage system which allows water to drain in smoothly through the grass. With the help of infill, excess moisture is efficiently directed into the soil.

  1. It gives a tacky feel to your home.

Just like any other golfing installation, many people have this misconception that artificial grass will make their house look unpleasant. In truth, having a putting green in your house can improve on its value and aesthetic. Synthetic turf is realistic and function-oriented. If you have plans to sell your home, the additional amenity will increase the appeal of your property.

Use High-Quality Artificial Grass for Your Putting Green

If you’re serious about bringing the golf experience at your home, don’t think twice about installing a synthetic putting green in Tampa. A well-designed putting green landscape can do wonders not only for your game but also for your home. Just make sure to invest in high-quality turf and hire a professional installer.

For expert installation solutions and first-rate turf products, count on Tampa Artificial Grass Pros. We have everything from putting greens for pro-golfers to pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in Tampa.  Our team of installers can give you world-class, realistic-looking grass landscapes at very reasonable prices. Call 813-999-0524 now for a FREE quote on your next project!