Many pet owners don’t realize the impact that real grass can have on the health of their pets. Because pets spend so much time in the backyard, it’s important to take care of any health risks associated with your yard. Artificial grass for dogs in Tampa may be a better choice when it comes to keeping your pet healthy. Here’s why:

Not a Bacteria Hub 

If you have a pet that spends a lot of time outside, then you may want to consider installing artificial grass in your yard. This is because natural grass can accumulate bacteria. It can be dangerous for your pet if they happen to ingest it.

Unlike real grass, fake turf never needs to be watered and will dry quickly after a rainfall, making it far less likely for dangerous bacteria to grow. It also contains antimicrobials, which help prevent mold and mildew buildups.

Dog Cleanups Are a Breeze

Many dogs enjoy playing outside in the grass and will often do so for hours at a time. While this is a great exercise for your dog, it can also leave them very dirty after a while.

Real lawns are prone to collecting dirt and debris. Pets can easily get their fur covered in it as they play. Natural turf also gets muddy when wet and can form puddles due to poor drainage, which can result in muddy, matted fur after outdoor playtimes.

With artificial grass for dogs in Tampa, however, the surface stays cleaner and flatter than real grass. It covers the soil completely, so it doesn’t have dirt, which means that your pets will get less dirty and muddy as they play. It also has excellent drainage, which takes care of water and urine puddles efficiently.

Soft and Paw-Friendly

Artificial grass isn’t as hard on pets’ paws as real grass. It’s made of synthetic fibers that are soft to the touch and don’t have sharp edges like real blades of grass can.

This means your pets won’t get tiny cuts in their paws when walking or running on artificial turf. It’s also a lot more comfortable to sit and lay on than other types of ground coverings.

If your dog has sensitive paws or has recently undergone surgery, artificial turf is particularly helpful at keeping him comfortable while he heals.

Less Risk of Fungal Infections

Artificial turf stays dry, which reduces the risk of fungal infections like ringworm.

Fungal infections can cause your pets to itch and scratch themselves. This can lead to hair loss and open sores, which are painful for your pet and potentially dangerous if they become infected.

The risk for fungal infections is higher in a natural lawn because it takes a lot of time for it to dry. This gives bacteria more time to thrive and spread. Artificial grass for homes in Tampa, on the other hand, dries quickly and can be disinfected without worries about it turning yellow or dying.

Doesn’t Need Toxic Chemicals

You want your pets to be safe and healthy, but if you use real grass for your lawn that can be an issue.

Natural grass needs pesticides and other sprays to keep weeds and pests out of the lawn. These chemicals are toxic to your pet. Dogs that step on the treated grass could ingest or absorb these chemicals through their skin and get sick.

No pesticides or sprays are necessary to keep artificial grass looking and feeling good, so it’s much safer for your pets.

Safe for Dogs With Grass Allergies

If you have a dog with any sort of allergies, regular trips outside can be difficult.

Grass pollen is a common allergen for dogs. Artificial grass does not produce pollen, dogs with allergies can enjoy the great outdoors without worries.

Rest assured that your allergic dog won’t suffer from allergic reactions, like sneezing, hives, diarrhea, and more when you replace your natural grass with synthetic turf.

Keep Your Dogs Healthy When They Play Outside With Artificial Turf in Tampa, FL

Real lawns hide a lot of health hazards for pets, but that doesn’t mean that you should keep your dogs from experiencing the wonders of grass. After all, you can find a great alternative in artificial grass.

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