The joys of having a large dog breed in the family are numerous. From the boundless energy they bring into your home to the unique bond that develops between you and your pet, it’s a joyous experience like no other. But, while these dogs can bring a lot of joy, they can also create several challenges for your lawn. The great news is that you can avoid all that hassle with artificial grass for dogs in Tampa.

How Do Large Dogs Damage Yards?

Here are some of the ways your huge, four-legged friend might be wreaking havoc on your yard:


Large dogs are notorious for their boundless energy and love for play. While it’s fun to watch them run around and play fetch, this can lead to heavy wear and tear on your lawn, especially if they favor a particular spot. 

The repeated stress on the grass in this area can leave you with unsightly bald spots and trampled areas, which take time and resources to rehabilitate.


Dogs dig for many reasons — it can be out of curiosity, instinct, or boredom. 

Large dogs, in particular, can cause substantial damage to your yard due to their size and strength. Their digging activities can destroy the root system of the grass, leading to unsightly holes and patches of dead grass.

Urine and Feces

Dog waste, particularly urine, can cause “burn spots” on the lawn. This is because dog urine is high in nitrogen, which in small doses can fertilize the grass, but in the amounts that a large dog will produce, it can kill the grass.

How Does Artificial Grass Stop Dog Damage?

With these challenges in mind, let’s explore how switching to artificial grass for dogs in Tampa can solve these problems without sacrificing your pet’s happiness or health.

Resistant to Paw Traffic

Unlike natural grass, high-quality artificial turf can withstand the running, playing, and digging of large dog breeds. It’s designed to be highly durable, especially with proper installation and maintenance.

In short, it will continue to look lush and green, no matter how much your dog frolics and digs.

Impervious to Urine and Feces Damage

Urine drains away, and feces can be easily picked up and disposed of. Moreover, because artificial grass doesn’t absorb urine, you won’t have to worry about the unpleasant smells that can accompany a natural lawn.

Non-Toxic and Safe for Dogs With Allergies

Artificial turf in Tampa, FL provides a safe environment for dogs to play on. It is designed to be non-toxic and hypoallergenic. 

Additionally, it removes the risk of dogs coming into contact with potentially harmful substances such as pesticides, fertilizers, or mulch that are often used in maintaining natural lawns.

Comfortable Surface

Artificial grass can provide a comfortable surface for dogs to play and rest on. It doesn’t become muddy in wet weather, which can lead to dogs getting dirty or developing skin irritations. 

In hot weather, it doesn’t get as hot as concrete or stone, and it stays green all year round, providing a pleasing environment for your pets.

If you also have a small breed, fret not. Synthetic turf also offers benefits that your dog will love. 

Give Your Big Dog the Best Outdoor Space!

We understand the special bond that you have with your large dog and your concerns about balancing your pet’s needs with a well-maintained and attractive yard. That’s where we, the Tampa Artificial Grass Pros, come in.

By choosing artificial grass for homes in Tampa, you can create a safe, clean, and durable environment that caters to the energetic needs of large dogs.

Why not explore how artificial grass could transform your yard and improve your pet’s play area? Contact us online or call us at 813-999-0524 today for a free consultation!