As a venue owner, you know that competition is fierce. So you have to do everything you can to make your venue stand out from the crowd. And a synthetic putting green in Tampa will help you do that without drastically increasing your venue upkeep costs.

Most places don’t offer this amenity, so it will help your venue attract people who are looking for a unique activity for their event. People who want to try their hand at golf and veteran golfers will also love it.

Why Install Artificial Grass Instead of Growing Natural Golf Turf?

First, natural grass is difficult, costly and time-consuming to maintain. The work isn’t over once you’ve watered and mowed it. You also have to make sure its soil is conducive for grass growth, and the turf is safe from problems like pests, weeds and turf diseases.

If you’re hosting events regularly, that means more work and more money spent on keeping your turf healthy.And with consecutive events, you’re likely to see flattening and compaction of the soil. Both could stunt the turf and make playing on the putting green less fun. On top of all that, repeated use and high foot traffic can damage it easily.

An artificial putting green in Tampa has none of these problems. It stays short and perfect for short games and putting practice for up to 10 years or more. You just need to keep it clean and brush up its synthetic blades regularly so they stay upright and ready for events—it’s that easy!

Events That an Artificial Putting Green Could Spice Up

Once you have a synthetic putting green, you can advertise these activities for it:

Team-Building Exercises

Playing on a putting green is a great way to build camaraderie among coworkers, especially if games are held in teams. Short games require communication, teamwork and collaboration to win. And these are all skills that can improve workplace dynamics.

Company Meetings

Work meetings are more fun when they’re conducted on an artificial putting green instead of in boring meeting rooms. Team members can putt and stretch their legs as they brainstorm ideas and talk about their project. Then, once the meeting is over, they can start playing more competitively on the artificial grass for homes in Tampa.

Family Bonding

Artificial greens are perfect for all families—whether you’ve got one child or five and your kids are all toddlers or adults. You can play different games with your kids: they can putt, chip and even swing away at golf balls. Meanwhile, you work on your own game and teach them how to play properly.

Dates and Anniversaries

A date night or anniversary doesn’t have to be expensive or stuffy—it can be fun! Playing golf on an artificial putting green is an affordable alternative that can also be romantic. It’s also great for those couples who want to do something laidback and different on date nights.

Level Up Your Venue With Artificial Turf in Tampa, FL

The great thing about synthetic turf is that you can use it to level up other places in your venue. It can breathe new life into indoor spaces or turn your lawns into an evergreen, easy-to-maintain landscape. And we can help you make it happen here at Tampa Artificial Grass Pros.

We offer premium artificial grass products, landscaping solutions and installation services for your venue. We can also give you design ideas or answer any questions you might have about synthetic turf. Contact us online or call us now at 408-317-0931 to get started!