Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are all the rage this season in Tampa, Florida. And it’s not surprising: after all, it never snows here—so it’s the perfect time to get cozy outside by a fire, swap stories, and enjoy some hot cocoa. But is it safe to set up a fire fixture near your artificial turf in Tampa, FL?

Does Artificial Grass Catch Fire?

Artificial grass is not flammable, which means it won’t go up in flames when it’s near an open fire. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impervious to fire damage.

Can Fire Damage Artificial Grass?

Yes, fire can melt synthetic grass if it’s in contact with it long enough.

First, the fire singes the turf, turning it brown. Then, if contact continues, the fibers dissolve, leaving a border of liquified turf around the fire fixture. Only the immediate area around or nearest to the synthetic turf melts. The rest of the installation remains safe. It’s one of the reasons why synthetic grass is such a great landscaping option for areas that are prone to wildfires.

Can You Repair Melted Artificial Turf in Tampa, FL?

Whether or not you can fix melted synthetic turf depends on the extent of the damage.If it’s just a small patch, then an artificial grass expert can patch up the burn with no trouble. However, if your artificial lawn is badly burnt, it’s usually a better idea to get a replacement.

How to Add Artificial Grass Near or Around Your Fire Fixtures

You can still install artificial grass close to or around firepits and fireplaces as long as you’re careful. Just keep the following safety tips in mind:

Don’t Place the Turf Near Fire

Artificial grass for yards and putting greens in Tampa can withstand high temperatures—but not when they’re close to the source. Remember, if the embers and flames get too close to the grass, they could start melting.

Invest in a Wind Guard

A wind guard can protect the artificial grass from the heat coming off of your fire feature. You can find wind guards at most hardware stores. Wind guards are usually made from metal with holes cut into them so that air can pass through them but not embers.

Get Sand Infill

Sand infill is a fire retardant, which means it helps slow down the spread of flames if something does ignite. It can also make your synthetic lawn look great and slightly more resistant to fire.

Keep Mirrors Away From the Turf

Mirrors can create beams that can cause fires when sunlight hits them at a certain angle. The beam is hot enough to melt artificial grass. The best way to keep that from happening is to keep mirrors away from your synthetic lawn.

Promote Fire Safety With Artificial Grass for Homes in Tampa

If you’re looking for premium, fire-resistant artificial grass that will look great with your fire fixture, Tampa ArtificialGrassPros can help.

We can also share some ideas and help you design and set up your installation. Just let us know what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

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