Plants and decorative ornaments can help enliven landscapes made with the best artificial turf in Tampa, FL. They can elevate the visual appeal of the synthetic grass by either adding a pop of color against the green or contrast of texture amid grass blades.

Given that Florida is not only known as the “Sunshine State,” but also considered as the thunderstorm capital of the US, it’s crucial that you choose your plants and outdoor décor wisely. Make sure you have a well-thought-out plan to make your artificial grass space blossom.

Advantages of a Well-Designed Synthetic Turf Landscape

Like the interior design of your home, your synthetic grass lawn’s décor should also be considered carefully. Don’t pick ornaments based solely on their visual appeal. Choose items that serve a purpose or contribute something to the space.

Here are some of the advantages of using thoughtfully chosen outdoor items to decorate your artificial turf landscape:

  • Increase shady spots for the summer.
  • Elevate the aesthetic value of your property.
  • Have a convenient and visually appealing space for outdoor get-togethers.
  • Achieve the perfect ambience for outdoor yoga sessions.

Carefully chosen outdoor items can also help keep your lawn in top condition. Let’s say you’ve invested in tough artificial grass for dogs in Tampa to give your canine the perfect play space. You can discourage your pet from making a bathroom out of your synthetic turf by adding strategically located litter boxes to your landscape. Assigning an outdoor potty area also works.

Take the time to know your grounds. Consider its purpose to get outdoor ornaments that are not only visually appealing but also complementary to the overall landscape.

Complementary Items for Synthetic Grass Lawns

Selecting outdoor décor is a matter of considering your needs and wants for your artificial turf. Personal preferences aside, here are some of the best items to improve your synthetic landscape:

  1. Drought-Resistant Plants

Use plants that can survive the “Sunshine State” at the peak summer. Choose greeneries that thrive even with little water. Here are examples of drought-resistant plants for your landscape:

Succulents – Small, fleshy plants that can thrive in dry soil conditions and arid climate. Popular types include the zebra plant, ox tongue and pinwheel desert rose.

Lavender – A flowering plant that stays fragrant even when dried

Lupine – A tall plant with divided leaves and colorful spires of flowers

Lamb’s Ear – An easy-to-grow flowering plant with fuzzy, gray-green foliage and light violet flowers

Nine billion gallons of water are frequently used for watering plants. Get plants that require minimal watering to reduce some of this amount and give back to the environment.

  1. Evergreen Trees

Choose trees that remain green throughout the year like pine trees. Not only will they provide ample shade during the summer, but they’ll also stay green through the winter.  If you’re planning to incorporate existing trees in your yard into your synthetic turf landscape, consult your installer.

Even with the best artificial turf in Tampa, FL, some trees are just best left untouched by artificial grass. An experienced synthetic grass installer can tell if your yard tree is one of them or not. They can also tell you if the synthetic turf is best placed over or around tree roots.

  1. Special Plants

Plant annuals and perennials to have a lawn that looks inviting all year round. Place them next to your more common greeneries to make them stand out. Given Tampa’s tendency for mild winters, annuals and perennials are the perfect choices if you want to keep blooms through the winter. Popular winter varieties include petunias, pansies and snapdragons.

  1. Stone Figurines

Add stone statues or figurines throughout the turf. You can use them either as the centerpiece of your synthetic lawn or as a hidden gem among your beautiful foliage. Other examples of stone-based installations that will complement your sprawling artificial grass include stone walls, fences, carvings and pathways.

Level Up Your Artificial Grass Lawn with Thoughtful Outdoor Decor

Enhance your synthetic turf landscape with plants and complementary ornaments. Count on Tampa Artificial Grass Pros for expert artificial grass installations that look good in any season. We are your best source for synthetic pet grass, turf surrounds and backyard putting green in Tampa.

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