Give your children a play space that will engage, challenge, and entertain them for hours all day, all year long with top artificial turf in Tampa, FL! Artificial grass is uniquely suited for kids’ play areas, and its features spell good news for parents too. Get ready to have the most fun backyard on the block!

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Backyard Playgrounds

The ideal playground should be not only fun but also safe for children. As a part of your outdoor landscape, it should also add value to your home and enhance the way you enjoy your yard. Artificial grass offers all of these and more:

  • Non-Allergenic

Pollen and natural grass are some of the most common allergens around, which means kids can’t play outside, especially during summer and spring. In contrast, artificial turf is completely hypoallergenic, making it a welcoming space all year long.

  • Safe Landing Surface

Trips, falls, and tumbles are a natural part of playtime. Thanks to fall protection technology, artificial grass lessens the risk for injuries by providing a soft and comfortable surface to land on.

  • Durable and Resilient

Playgrounds are high-traffic and high-impact places, and natural grass is too fragile for the job. In contrast, artificial turf is extremely durable and will bounce back to its original shape and height no matter how intensely it’s used.

Whether you’re hosting crowded backyard parties or playing hard with your pets and kids, trust artificial grass to look as good as it did the first day it was installed.

  • Low Maintenance

Artificial grass requires almost zero effort to maintain since you don’t have to mow, cut, water, or fertilize it. Just spray it with some water and detergent to get out spills and stains, and brush it up from time to time to help it retain its lush look.

If you have pets, high-quality artificial grass for dogs in Tampa comes with drainage backing for easier potty clean-up. No matter which angle you look at it, synthetic turf means less work for grown-ups and more bonding time for the whole family!

Creative Ideas for Artificial Turf Playgrounds

Synthetic grass is so versatile; the sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your backyard play space. Here are some ideas to turn your basic yard into an outdoor wonderland:

  • Life-sized Board Game

Use different shades of grass and some paint to lay down a life-size chessboard, hopscotch corner, tic-tac-toe, and other favorite family board games.

  • Invisible Play House

Put a spin on the usual playhouse by covering it with artificial grass so that it “disappears” into the yard for a secret fort just for the kids!

  • Adventure Areas

Add a sand pit, a small gravel and rock construction site for toy trucks, a little camping area complete with logs, and other interesting features to the playground.

  • Outdoor Craft Nook

Hone their arts and crafts skills by creating an outdoor craft nook using a small seating set, mini tables, and bookshelves in a covered, shady part of the yard. You can also use artificial grass to cover the tables and chairs for a cozier spot.

  • Mini Golf

Create the best putting green in Tampa with artificial grass! Personalize your mini golf course with your preferred number of holes, flags, and other challenges.

Level Up Your Landscape with Artificial Grass

Ready to have the most exciting playground in the neighborhood? Using top artificial turf in Tampa, FL, our designers will transform your backyard into a beautiful outdoor feature that the whole family will enjoy for years to come.

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