With its soft, durable, and sturdy surface, artificial grass is perfect for creating a safe play space for your kids. It’s also highly customizable, making it one of the most versatile indoor and outdoor flooring options in the market today. Explore its playground-specific potential with your trusted installer of artificial grass for homes in Tampa.

Popular Synthetic Turf Play Space Designs

Whether it’s located indoors or outdoors, a playground with artificial grass will definitely give your home a family-friendly vibe. The lush, evergreen never fails to add a touch of nature to any play space. Since it doesn’t need sunshine, water or soil to thrive, you can get creative with its installation.

With the help of an expert synthetic turf installer, you can give your kids unique playgrounds such as:

  • Slide-and-Swing Playground

A timeless design, almost everyone has fond memories with this play space setup. To give your kids the premium slide-and-swing play experience, use synthetic turf to pad the play surface instead of the conventional foam and natural grass. Here’s why:

It is non-allergenic.

It reduces the risk of bruises and scrapes.

It provides a soft, cushion for sliding and swinging children to land on.

It minimizes post-play baths and cleanups since artificial turf doesn’t have grass clippings, mud and dirt which can cling to your kids.

If you want to introduce to your children to the playground style you grew up with, this setup is the one for you! Invest in Tampa durable synthetic grass to elevate their play experience.

  • Playhouse Playground

For kids who love to play house, this is the perfect play space design for them. A miniature house, typically made of wood or plastic, is set on top of grass or foam. It is often sparsely furnished to let kids play as though they own the house or use the house as props for impromptu plays.

In this type of setup, you can expect kids to run, crawl and get creative. With a natural grass surface, the risk for scrapes, bruises and other play-related injuries is high. It’s also highly likely for the children to get dirty and muddy, which can make them susceptible to various diseases.

With a dirt-free surface like artificial grass, however, you don’t have to worry about dirt-related concerns. You’ll also be able to limit injuries to accidental bumps due to boisterous play.

Reasons to Work with an Artificial Grass Installer for Your Playground

While you can do the playground turf installation on your own, it is highly recommended that you get an expert artificial grass installer to help you out. Hiring a professional installer of artificial grass for homes in Tampa provides the following advantages:

  • Benefit from their expertise and experience.

Most synthetic grass installers have worked on both residential and commercial establishments, which means they know how to install artificial grass on any surface. They know what to do in case the unexpected happens and can guarantee excellent results with every installation.

  • Get expert advice on play space designs.

Not sure what type of synthetic turf is ideal for your playground? An artificial grass installer can help you out. They can also give you recommendations on what infills to invest in and where to install your synthetic grass, among other things.

  • Prevent careless mistakes.

Playground installations require expert know-how and specific equipment to pull off. They can get complicated, especially if slides, swings, or any other playground equipment are already permanently installed in the setting. One mistake can affect the whole project. With a reliable installer, you can be assured that your turf installation is expertly completed.

Upgrade Your Play Surface with Synthetic Turf!

Work with Tampa Artificial Grass Pros. We can help you create the perfect playground for your kid! We only use the highest quality synthetic turf and realistic putting green in Tampa, featuring:

  • Non-allergenic blades
  • Dirt-free structure
  • Unbreakable strands
  • Proprietary drainage
  • 15-year warranty coverage

We have been Tampa’s trusted installer for years, with over 10,000 installations under our belt. Trust our experience and expertise. Call us at 813-999-0524, and let’s start working on the perfect playground for your little ones!