Dogs love playing outside. They’ll do it all day if you let them! Unfortunately, their idea of fun usually involves digging up dirt, rolling around in the grass and frolicking in the mud. This spells disaster not only for your yard but also for your well-kept home when they come inside. Artificial grass for dogs in Tampa makes it easier to keep your home clean without making your backyard less fun for your pet.

How Tampa Synthetic Grass Helps Keep Your Home Clean

Artificial turf reduces the need for indoor and outdoor clean-up after pet playtimes. Here’s how:

  • Durable Materials

    Synthetic grass blades do not break under pressure, unlike the real thing. This holds true even if your dog runs, rolls over and tramples them. They may bend with enough use, but that’s nothing a good brushing can’t fix.

    This means you’ll never see grass stains on your canine’s coat. Consequently, your pup won’t be able to spread blades of grass throughout your home when they come inside .

  • Dig-Proof Surface

    Dogs are talented diggers. Natural lawns, with their soft soil and lush grass, are incredibly enticing. Tired of patching up holes on your lawn? Curb this bad habit for good with artificial turf in Tampa, FL.

    Synthetic turf won’t get damaged from digging and constant use. Use it to cover the ground completely and it’ll instantly turn your yard into a dig-proof space! As a result, you’ll never have to deal with holes and upturned dirt in your yard ever.

  • Mud-Free Grounds

    Never dread rainy days again! Instead of soil, artificial turf systems use infill, so your synthetic yard will never get muddy when wet. No mud, no muddy paw prints all over your house!

  • Excellent Drainage

    Finally, high-quality synthetic turf has a built-in drainage system. This takes care of any excess moisture immediately. As a result, you won’t have to deal with puddles due to pet urine or after rain.

    If your yard has uneven, sloping or steep terrain, installers will take care of it too. Before laying down the turf, they will level the ground and remove any debris that can come in the way of efficient drainage.

Enjoy a Clean and Pet-Friendly Backyard with Synthetic Grass!

Turn your yard into a pet paradise that’s also a breeze to maintain with artificial grass for dogs in Tampa! Aside from residential artificial grass, we also install synthetic grass for:

  • Pet clinics
  • Dog daycares
  • Pet-friendly business establishments
  • Commercial dog runs
  • Pet boarding facilities
  • And more

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