Unsightly puddles, muddy patches and fungal diseases— these are only some of the negative effects of rain on natural lawns. If left unresolved, these problems will not just keep you from enjoying your yard. They will also turn your beautiful landscape into a sodden, sickly nightmare. Solve all of them for good with Tampa synthetic grass!

Why Synthetic Grass Holds Up Well During the Rainy Season

Thanks to advancements in synthetic turf technology, artificial grass can resist the elements. Aside from direct sunlight, snow and ice, it can withstand torrential rain without showing signs of wear and tear. Here’s how:

It is waterproof.

Artificial grass is not alive, so it can’t drown from overexposure to moisture. It’s also made of tough, water-resistant, synthetic materials. Even if it stays submerged underwater for extended periods due to flooding, its lushness and color won’t diminish. Just give the artificial grass a good rinsing and brushing once the water recedes, and it’ll look good as new.

It drains water quickly.

Top-quality Tampa synthetic grass comes with a built-in drainage system, which includes a permeable backing material. The drainage system varies depending on the conditions of the installation site. Areas with sharp inclines tend to require a more extensive drainage arrangement compared to those with even surfaces.

Since water drains fast, your artificial grass lawn will dry in a short time even after a heavy downpour. This makes your yard highly accessible to you, your family and pets even during the rainy season.

Synthetic Grass is made from non-slip materials.

Don’t have the patience to wait for your synthetic turf to dry? Go ahead and spend time on it while it’s still wet or damp after a rainfall. Artificial grass doesn’t get slippery when wet, so you don’t need to worry about accidents while using it. Feel free to let your kids and pets play on your lightly drizzled lawn!

It covers the soil completely.

Muddy spots are some of the most frustrating results of rain on natural lawns. Not only do they tend to linger for days, but kids and pets are fond of playing on them.

Take off muddy areas from your list of lawn concerns for good with artificial turf in Tampa, FL. It completely covers the ground, offering a dirt-free yard surface. With the soil hidden beneath the synthetic material, there’s no risk of mud developing after rain.

Synthetic Grass is tough.

Unlike natural grass, which gets bent and broken easily after exposure to moisture, synthetic turf retains its durability after rain. This means you can use it without worries while it’s wet or damp. Its grass blades may get flattened due to the water pressure, but it’s nothing a good brushing can’t fix.

Enjoy your Lush and Green Lawn Throughout the Rainy Season

Enjoy your backyard lawn even during the rainy season with the installation of artificial grass for dogs in Tampa. It offers a surface that’s water-resistant, mud-free, non-slip and durable. Explore the other weather-resistant advantages of synthetic turf with Tampa Artificial Grass Pros. Call us now at 813-999-0524 for inquiries!