Just because your backyard doesn’t contribute to your home’s curb appeal, doesn’t mean that you can disregard it when you landscaping your outdoor spaces. Spruce it up with top-quality Tampa synthetic grass.

Aside from its lifelike beauty, superb durability, non-slip surface and incredible weather resistance, artificial turf is a breeze to maintain. Enjoy a stunning lawn without overcomplicating your yard upkeep routine with this versatile material.

Backyard Landscaping Dos and Don’ts With Synthetic Grass

While artificial turf can breathe new life into your backyard on its own, the overall effect would be even more stunning when it’s landscaped. Know what you should and shouldn’t do when you landscape your grounds to guarantee awesome results.

DO consider who spends time in your yard

Who uses your yard must have a huge impact on your landscape. Invest in artificial grass padding if your yard doubles as your kids’ outdoor play space. It’ll give the ground extra cushioning that can diminish the risk of bruises in case of slips and falls. If you let your dogs play outside, it may be a good idea to include a deodorizing infill to diminish odors for when they go potty.

DON’T forget to plan for plants

Trees and plants can thrive with artificial grass for homes in Tampa, provided that you plan for them before installation. This is because it’s difficult to modify the turf without damaging it once it’s been laid down. Conversely, you can install synthetic turf around the existing trees and plants in your yard.

DO consider your region when selecting plants for landscaping

Don’t base your plant choices solely on appearance. Some beautiful blooms and lush greeneries find it difficult to thrive under the Florida heat. Stick to drought-resistant varieties if you want to keep the time you spend taking care of your yard vegetation to a minimum.

DON’T limit your installation to being a purely ornamental landscaping element

With the help of expert installers, you can use Tampa synthetic grass to reduce the noise and wind in some areas in your yard. Create berms or artificial hills around places that could use more privacy. Give these structures a flat top before covering them with turf, so you can use them to display potted plants and garden décor at eye level.

DO strike a balance between hardscape and softscape

Hardscape refers to the unchanging structures of your grounds (e.g., pavements, patios, etc.), while softscape refers to the organic elements in the area. The ideal landscape balances these two aspects, and artificial grass offers a great way to achieve this harmony. The material can be installed on soil, wood, concrete, paving and other hard surfaces, so you’ll have no issues using it to soften your yard’s hardscapes.

DON’T be afraid to get creative with your installation’s design

Artificial grass is a versatile landscaping material. Aside from giving your yard a lush, pristine lawn, you can also use the turf to add extra amenities or upgrade existing ones on your grounds. Consult your artificial grass experts for more DIY installation ideas.

Turn Your Backyard Into a Stunning Landscape

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