Weeds are a nuisance in any yard, but they are especially troublesome on an artificial putting green in Tampa. Left unchecked, weeds will disrupt ball roll, require constant maintenance to remove and eventually destroy the looks and playability of your practice green.

The best way to keep weeds at bay is to not let them grow in the first place, especially when it comes to backyard putting greens.

Is it possible for weeds to grow through artificial turf?

It is very challenging, generally weeds cannot sprout through artificial turf products, unless they’re extremely hardy. Even then, it won’t be a full weed infestation, unlike what usually happens on natural lawns.

Specifically, the highest quality synthetic turf has several features that make it highly weed-resistant:

Tightly-Woven Synthetic Fibers

Artificial turf in Tampa FL is made of synthetic fibers that are tightly woven together. This means weeds can’t penetrate through the putting green’s surface because they lack a root system to do so and any weed seeds will be stopped by the polymer in artificial grass.

The tight backing of synthetic turf also lets very little light in. As a result, weeds can’t grow in and under artificial grass because they need sunlight to germinate and thrive.

Synthetic Turf Installation and Weed Control

Synthetic turf installation itself is designed to eliminate the majority of weeds from your lawn:

  • Weed membrane

    For instance, artificial putting surfaces have an anti-weed membrane, aka weed barrier, installed below the turf itself to stop any seeds from coming into contact with the lawn.

  • Clearing out existing weeds and weed seeds

    Next, preparing the ground for putting green installation also includes clearing out several inches of topsoil. This process helps remove existing weeds and seeds from the installation area.

  • Weed treatment

    In addition, the area is usually treated with weedicides before laying down the turf. This wards off any weeds that slip past the above defenses.

  • Sub-Base Material

    Furthermore, Tampa synthetic grass is laid on top of sub-base material such as sand or gravel which makes it difficult for weed roots to reach the putting surface. If they do manage to take root, they won’t be able to get any nutrients from these materials.

  • Infill

    Finally, the infill adds an extra layer of protection against weeds. Infill is heavy and it’s designed to keep turf fibers upright and helps the backing stay in shape.

    Due to its weight, it also makes it more difficult for weeds to penetrate through the backing of synthetic putting surfaces.

How to Remove Weeds from Your Synthetic Putting Green

In case a few weeds do manage to grow through artificial grass, do the following:

  • Rake the putting green to remove any weeds that are close to the surface. Use a rake with plastic or synthetic fibers to avoid damaging the artificial turf.
  • Pull out the weeds by hand. They usually have shallow roots or a weak hold since they can’t grow properly on a synthetic lawn.
  • Use a non-toxic weed killer spray or granules if necessary.

Say Goodbye to Weeds for Good with Tampa Artificial Grass!

Artificial grass is an excellent way to ensure your putting green in Tampa will stay weed-free. There’s no need for gas-powered equipment, expensive chemicals, hours spent with weekly maintenance: just artificial turf that looks great year-round. And of course, it also creates the perfect putting surface for casual players and pro golfers alike.

Give Tampa Artificial Grass Pros a call at 408-317-0931 or send us a message using our online form today. Let’s start the process of bringing this beautiful, green and clean surface right into residential or commercial space!