Pets are a big responsibility, but it’s one that many people are happy to make (us too!). However, pet care goes beyond food, water, walks and toys. It’s also important to consider the environment you’re bringing them into.

In this case, artificial turf in Tampa FL offers a host of benefits for the health and safety of your pet – several of which make it a wiser choice than natural grass:

1. Avoid exposing your pet to toxins with artificial turf in Tampa FL.

Chemicals like pesticides keep grass healthy, but they’re extremely dangerous for pets. This is a non-issue for artificial grass because aside from never needing chemical treatments, high-quality synthetic turf is non-toxic too.

2. Artificial grass reduces parasites on your lawn.

Lawns, including grassy fields and natural turf, are an ideal breeding ground for parasites and pests. These include fleas, ringworms, ticks, mosquitoes, lice and more.

The great thing about artificial lawns is that you’ll never need to worry about these bugs or their bites because there’s no organic matter for them to reproduce or survive in.

3. Dogs with grass allergies are safer on synthetic turf.

Some dogs are allergic to grass, which can cause itchy skin and other health problems. Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about these issues when using artificial turf because it doesn’t contain any allergens, such as pollen, mold spores and dirt.

In addition, artificial lawns never need mowing, so you won’t have to worry about kicking up allergens with a lawnmower.

In other words, artificial grass for dogs in Tampa is an excellent choice for homes where asthma allergies may be triggered by environmental factors since it’s completely free of any irritants whatsoever.

4. Your pet’s paws are protected from harmful germs.

Unsanitary conditions in grass-heavy parks, sports fields and backyards can cause problems for pets – even if they’re not allergic to the elements. Dirty lawns often harbor E. coli, salmonella and other harmful bacteria that can get into your pet’s paws or fur – which is then ingested when they lick their feet after a walk. In these cases, it would be great to have synthetic grass in Tampa!

On top of being chemical-free and pest-proof, synthetic turf is also easy to sanitize. Just hose it down every now and then or even mop the surface with cleaning solutions if necessary.

5. No toxic weeds to irritate or poison your pet.

Toxic weeds are common in lawns, but they’re not present on artificial turf. These include poison ivy and sumac, bittersweet nightshade, oleander, lantana and more. Many of these plants have poisonous sap that can irritate your pet’s skin or mouth if they happen to brush up against it – not to mention the risk of ingestion.

In addition, many homeowners are concerned about weed infestations near their homes or property because they create unsightly patches that attract pests like mosquitoes.

This is another issue that artificial lawns can help you solve if you’re worried about home and pet safety. Specifically, artificial grass is inorganic and includes weed fabric that prevents any harmful plants from ever taking root.

6. It’s easier to keep synthetic turf sanitary when it comes to pet waste.

It’s not always easy to clean up after your pet when they relieve themselves outside, especially on natural grass.

Not only does animal waste contain harmful bacteria and parasites that can infect you or your pets if it comes into contact with them – but even worse is the fact that dog poop doesn’t break down in the soil as easily as most people realize. Worse, dirt is excellent at absorbing and retaining liquids and that includes pet urine.

In contrast, urine will drain straight through synthetic turf. As for poop, pick up, hose down any residue and proceed with your day.

Aside from keeping your lawn clean and odor-free, this also prevents pet waste from attracting pests and creating bacteria build-up.

Artificial Grass: The Safer Option for Pets and Your Home

You can trust that your lawn will always be clean and safe with artificial turf, whether for general landscaping or special applications like putting green in Tampa.

If you’d like to learn more about synthetic turf and how we can create a beautiful, pet-friendly lawn for your home, please contact us today at 813-999-0524 or message us here.