Installing an artificial grass lawn is a big investment in your home’s curb appeal and livability. To get the most out of that investment, it’s crucial the turf is installed properly especially when it comes to securing it to the ground

Poorly secured grass can develop unsightly wrinkles, shift around, or even come loose over time. But when you trust the job to experienced pros, you can rest assured your lawn will stay put and maintain its pristine appearance through years of play, relaxation, and entertaining

At Tampa Artificial Grass Pros, we take pride in delivering flawless, long-lasting results. Here’s a peek at the techniques and materials our skilled installers use to secure your artificial grass:

Start With a Strong Foundation 

Discover how our pros use specialized techniques to secure artificial grass for a pristine look that lasts. This involves:

  • Digging out the existing soil several inches deep
  • Smoothing out a foundation of compressed gravel, sand, and granite
  • Grading the surface for optimal stability and drainage

This meticulous groundwork sets the stage for your grass to perform its best over the long haul – no shifting, sinking, or sogginess to worry about

Lock Down the Edges

With the base ready and the turf trimmed to fit, it’s time to secure the perimeter. We fasten the outer edges tightly to the ground with a combination of:

  • Heavy-duty turf nails or stakes around the border
  • Weatherproof adhesive for an impermeable seal

This double-pronged approach keeps your turf from curling up or coming untucked, so the edges always look crisp and tidy.

Fuse the Seams

Artificial grass usually comes in multiple sections that must be joined together. Seams are a critical area to get right, since shoddy work will quickly ruin the seamless look. Our detail-obsessed team ensures totally imperceptible seams by:

  • Securing special seaming tape below the joint
  • Gluing the two edges to the tape with industrial-strength adhesive

The result is a smooth, barely-there seam that will never peel up or leave gaps, even after years of heavy traffic.

Finish With Infill

The final step to a stable, natural-looking artificial lawn is to apply infill – a special granular mixture brushed into the grass blades. This infill material:

  • Weighs the grass down for added stability
  • Keeps the blades perky and natural-looking
  • Protects the turf backing from UV damage

We use a professional-grade spreader to apply an even layer of premium infill, then work it deep into the fibers with a power broom for the perfect finishing touch.

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Securing artificial grass is an exact science that requires specialized skill, tools, and materials. Cutting corners on any of these steps can compromise the whole project

Don’t take chances with your investment in a gorgeous, maintenance-free lawn. Trust the friendly experts at Tampa Artificial Grass Pros for a precise, professional installation that will stay put and look fabulous for decades.

We’re here to help you select the ideal grass for your needs and ensure it’s installed to perfection. Call us at 408-317-0931 or reach out online to get started on the backyard of your dreams!