There it goes again – the sound of a barking dog, the neighbor’s kids riding their bikes up and down the street (while screaming at the tops of their lungs) or someone revving up their car as they drive by. And because it’s Florida, there’s always an outdoor party happening somewhere. Whether you can’t tune it out or have had enough, there are several things you can do to reduce those noises from your backyard, from fencing to Tampa synthetic grass:

Block noise with fences.

Putting up a fence is a simple but effective way to make your yard quieter. The thicker and taller your fence, the better sound insulation it provides.

Go with solid materials like wood or metal instead of chain link. Make the slats or bars close enough together that it’s difficult for noise to get through.

For even more soundproofing, cover the fence on the inside with sound-deadening material. A few good options are cork, rubber or fiberglass.

Synthetic Grass Use trees and plants to absorb the noise.

A thick hedge, screen of trees or tall shrubs will help block noise in your yard. Planting a hedge is an effective option for the sides and back of the property line.

If you have problem spots where neighbors are closer together, plant shorter types of trees on the inside border of your property or along the edge of your yard. You’ll block a good amount of noise while giving yourself a nice green wall.

Be sure to plant more than one type of tree so they grow together and form a “living fence” that is solid from all sides.

In areas that have little sun or soil, consider planting vines instead. Some great options in Florida are English ivy and trumpet creeper.

Introduce pleasant sounds to your yard with water features.

Adding the calming sounds of splashing or trickling water to your yard is a great way to drown out annoying noises. Here are some popular choices:

  • Ponds

    Ponds, big or small, are a great source of natural sounds. A large pond with water lilies, reeds and maybe even some fish is relaxing to look at and listen to.

  • Fountains

    If you don’t want to put in an entire pond, fountains are a great choice for smaller yards. Even a small tabletop fountain can provide wonderful white noise.

  • Mini waterfalls

    This one’s both a showpiece and a noise-reduction tool. Ideally, place it close to your outdoor seating areas so the cascading sound of water is more prominent than unwanted noise.

Pro-tip: Make sure your water feature has a powerful pump. It needs to be able to move a large volume of water, instead of a weak trickle.

Relocate your outdoor seating area away from noise sources.

You can’t block noise in certain areas of your yard, but you can choose where to sit while enjoying your outdoor space. Consider moving your seating areas away from those problem spots.

For instance, if you have a seating area near a busy street or a frequently used walking path, the noise will be hard to block out. Instead of fighting it, move your seating area to a quieter location such as the opposite side of the yard.

Re-landscape with artificial grass for homes in Tampa.

Artificial grass for backyards, especially with a layer of thick foam padding, can help with sound absorption. The foam padding also cushions falls and makes the ground more comfortable to walk on.

Aside from helping you create a more peaceful backyard, synthetic turf also can save you money in the long run by reducing your need for water and fertilizer. It also does away with mowing, which is great for Tampa homeowners who don’t want to spend their weekend mornings cutting the grass.

Finally, synthetic turf is an excellent replacement for grass because it’s beautiful, mud-free, extremely durable and safe for kids and pets.

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