The best artificial grass for homes in Tampa is not just excellent for your lawn but many other parts of the house as well. Copy these interior design ideas and liven up your garage, balcony, patio, and more with green and vibrant artificial grass!

Home Design Ideas with Artificial Grass

Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass doesn’t need to be mowed, cut, watered, or fertilized. This low-maintenance quality, plus the fact that artificial grass is highly customizable, is what makes it such an amazing material for interior design. Give your home an instant makeover using these design ideas with synthetic turf!

  • Greenify your terrace.

Growing and maintaining natural grass on a terrace can be difficult and impractical, and synthetic grass offers a wonderful solution. Installing artificial grass on your balcony gives you an inviting and soft surface for bare feet, and you can add some pretty potted plants and accent chairs to create a relaxing terrace nook.

  • Add some green to your driveway.

Transform your bland, dull driveway into a visual highlight by adding a strip of synthetic turf between the flagstones and beneath the space where the car is parked. This gives you the look of a perfectly-manicured driveway with none of the hassles of natural grass.

  • Green up your side yards.

Artificial grass is a problem-solver in parts of the home that receive heavy use. Instead of covering your high-traffic side yard with concrete paving, install high-quality Tampa synthetic grass instead. It gives the illusion of lush ground cover while withstanding the weight of a trash bin being pulled from your home to the street, foot traffic to the grill, and more.

  • Outline your pavers in green.

Grass between cut stone pavers helps soften the hardscape and offers a natural transition toward the garden and the rest of the yard. However, it’s hard to maintain real grass in this area because the pavers hinder the mower. Artificial grass helps you achieve this exact look at a fraction of the effort.

  • Cover your outdoor furniture with artificial grass.

Why settle for the usual outdoor furniture designs when you can have a conversation starter with realistic synthetic grass? You can use it to cover your lawn chairs, tables, benches, footstools, and other outdoor furnishings. More importantly, artificial grass is designed to withstand the elements, so you don’t have to worry about your furniture no matter the weather outside.

More Uses of Artificial Grass around the Home

The versatility of synthetic grass allows you to be creative when it comes to using it around the home. For instance, you can use artificial grass to:

  • Create an indoor mini golf course
  • Carpet your basement game room
  • Spell out your house number, last name, etc. on the outside of the house
  • Set up a backyard run for dogs
  • Design a safe playground for the kids

For best results, make sure to use only the finest artificial turf in Tampa, FL installed by Tampa Artificial Grass Pros. Our experienced designers can share more interior and exterior design ideas during our free consultation, so call us today at 813-999-0524!