A backyard putting green in Tampa requires special components to create a fantastic golfing experience. Depending on what you want your green for – beginner’s practice, a pro course, or mini golf for the family – understanding what it takes to design an amazing golf green will help you make the most of your investment.

Different Grass, Different Performance

The synthetic grass used for lawns is not the same one used for putting greens. In fact, even grass that is used primarily for putting greens provides different types of performance. Some basic selections are:

  • Bentgrass style – commonly used for putting green surfaces due to its very short blades

  • Slit-film style – reflects the real grass typically seen on golf courses; preferred by professional golfers because they can practice at tournament level

  • Fringe grass – straight and tall, this type is often installed around a putting green so players can practice both putting and chipping

Additionally, tee boxes enhance the skills-improvement value of a golfing green, so ask your local installer what type of grass works well for this addition.

Infill and Putting Greens

Artificial grass installers use infill to keep the grass blades resilient and stay upright. When it comes to backyard putting greens, infill material can affect ball control and speed depending on the stroke. Two common options are:

  • Sand or sand mixture – a popular choice for backyard putting greens because it provides outstanding cushioning and stability much like real grass. The smaller the size of the grain, the less it will hinder ball control and speed.

  • Low-infill – allows golf balls to roll smoothly without veering off or bouncing. It also works well for croquet or bocce courts.

Most types of infill are compatible with texturized artificial turf in Tampa, FL, but a lot of golfers prefer sand for backyard putting. If you’d like a multi-sport court, however, low infill might be your best option.

A Putting Green Just for You

Thanks to the wide variety and possible turf/infill combinations, local installers can customize your backyard golf course to your specific preferences with elements like:

  • Terrain fluctuations
  • Shape
  • Shade
  • Hills
  • Water features
  • Sand traps
  • Holes
  • And more

However, putting all of these components together is a lot more complicated than it seems, so think twice about taking it up as a DIY project. A skilled and experienced synthetic grass installer knows the right techniques, including how to stretch the grass, fasten it precisely to prevent divots and ridges from forming, and design it for consistent, long-term play quality.

Professional Installation for Putting Greens in Tampa, FL

For beautiful putting greens that perfectly fit your play style, call Tampa Artificial Grass Pros! Aside from backyard golf greens, we can install synthetic turf for any purpose, such as:

  • Playgrounds
  • Yards
  • Patios and porches
  • Pools
  • Commercial facilities

We carry some of the highest quality grass products in the market today, whether you’re looking for landscaping turf or artificial grass for dogs in Tampa. Call Tampa Artificial Grass Pros today at 813-999-0524 for a FREE quote and consultation!