Prepare your lawn for recreation with an installation of putting green in Tampa. Recreate the whole golf experience with a great putting green right in your own home. Synthetic putting greens capture the feel of golf course green perfectly, down to the ball roll. Best of all, they don’t require as much upkeep, allowing you to do golf rounds whenever you please.

What to Include in Your Putting Green Installation

No need to go to the driving range to practice your short game. A putting green in your yard will give you instant access to the game whenever you want to. Complete the golf experience with the right putting green accessories!

Incorporate the following items on your golf green for the complete experience in your residence:

• Putting Green Grass

The putting green grass is what makes up the central part of the installation. It is designed to mimic bentgrass, which is the first choice for putting green turf. The best artificial turf in Tampa, FL has adjustable stimp speeds of 10-13 and contains up to 9 lbs. of infill. A solid urethane backing helps give it stability for every game.

• Tour Fringe

Surrounding the putting green grass is the tour fringe. This artificial grass type is made of thatched monofilament, resembling the grass seen on fairways. It is backed by permeable drainage technology, which effectively redirects water into the ground after a rainy day —getting you ready for another game when the sun comes out!

• Aluminum Cups

Aluminum cups form the shape for the holes on the putting green. Unlike plastic cups, these steel-based cups match the ones found on the golf course. These give you the trademark drop and sound when the ball falls into the hole, giving you the total golf experience!

• Putting Green Obstacles

Switch up your games by including challenging structures in your installation of putting green in Tampa. Place a sand bunker in the green to practice your swing. Include slopes in the design of the putting green to train your versatility in hitting. With artificial grass, you can install as many obstacles as you want to practice your putt and swing like a pro!

Get Professional Putting Green Installation NOW!

With the flexibility of artificial turf, you can install a putting green in any way you wish. Create a golf green right at home, and save yourself regular trips to the driving range!

Count on Tampa Artificial Grass Pros to make your golf course installation a reality. Our team of experienced and trained experts has been designing grand landscapes for many years now. Whether you require high-quality putting greens or artificial grass for dogs in Tampa, we’ll be there to help you out! Fill out our contact form, or call 813-999-0524 to get a FREE quote on your project.