Your backyard golf green may not look tour-ready, but you can make every practice feel like a professional game with a high-quality putting green in Tampa! Install the most realistic outdoor putting green and transform your yard into a putting paradise. Begin by choosing the right artificial turf type that meets all your golf green requirements.

Different Types of Synthetic Turf for Putting Surface

While real grass sounds nice, it is a nightmare to maintain. It’s why many athletic fields have made the switch to synthetic turf —it is hard-wearing, flexible and has the character and feel of a professional golf course.

With the best Tampa synthetic grass, the luxury of having your own putting green is now within your reach! Artificial putting greens are specially-designed to ensure flexibility and ball roll. And although most turf types are made with recyclable materials, artificial grass designed for putting is not the same as residential or commercial turf. As such, you need to find the right turf to create a superb putting green at home. Here’s how various types of synthetic grass perform differently:

  1. Texturized Greens
    Texturized putting green comes in two styles: nylon and polypropylene. Both nylon and poly textured yarns are made from high-quality materials. The only difference is nylon can have higher moisture regain than polypropylene fibers. This means that it can promote moisture mobility, which can be problematic during games.
  2. Bent Grass
    Bent grass style is designed for the avid golfer in mind. It has very short blades that make it suitable for putting surfaces. This green can hold up to 120 yards of chip shots and comes with adjustable stimp rating of 10-13.
  3. Slit-Film Greens
    Slit-film putting green in Tampa is perfect for hitting the long shots. They come with trimmed fibers and a substantial amount of infill material that makes the ball ‘roll’ rather than ‘hit.’ The infill material in slit-film putting green makes it more stable on a smooth floor. That is why expert installers recommend using slit-film for an indoor putting green.
  4. Fringe Grass
    Fringe turf is best suited for golf enthusiasts and professionals who want the authentic feel of athletic field turf. Fringe grass is relatively taller and straighter than the other grass types, perfect for practicing your chip/putt technique.

Pro Tips on Selecting Your Home Putting Green

Spruce up your backyard golf green and save time, money and effort! Keep these tips in mind to make sure you choose the right turf for your putting green:

✔ Consider the climate in your area. Evaluate the cold, drought and heat tolerance levels.

✔ Factor in the budgetary constraints.

✔ Evaluate the moisture regain level and durability of the turf.

✔ Assess the skill level of the users. For instance, if you’re a professional golfer, make sure that you choose grass with shorter blades to practice your shots effectively and achieve consistent speed.

✔ Partner with a reputable turf supplier and installer.

Expand the skills-improvement value of your backyard putting green with the right grass type. Along with selecting the best artificial grass for homes in Tampa, professional installation should also be on top of your list.

Get consistent play quality from your backyard putting green with the help of Tampa Artificial Grass Pros! Call us now at 408-317-0931 for expert advice on your golf green project.