Tampa is prone to droughts, which means that water-wise landscaping is a must. The local government even has a program that awards people and businesses with Florida-friendly landscaping. If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to achieve this, installing artificial grass for dogs in Tampa is a great start.

Why Not Grow a Natural Lawn Instead?

Artificial lawns save around 10,000 gallons of water per year—the amount of water needed to keep an average lawn alive. That’s more than what most people use for drinking and bathing! That amount can double during the dry season, which is bad not only for your wallet but also for the environment.

Moreover, Tampa has strict water use restrictions to prevent problems during the dry season. These restrictions make it hard to maintain lawns. Failing to follow the rules can result in penalties ranging from $100 to 450 plus a mandatory court appearance.

How Does Artificial Grass Save Water?

The only time artificial grass for dogs in Tampa needs water is when you want to wash off dirt and grime from its surface. You can do this regularly, like once a week, or on a need basis, like to wash off a spill.

In short, artificial turf is a great way to save water in Tampa. It doesn’t need water to stay alive and healthy, so you won’t need to worry about getting in trouble with your neighborhood association or the city for violating the water use rules.

Benefits of a Lawn That Doesn’t Need Water

Once you replace your natural lawn with a synthetic one, you’ll start reaping these benefits immediately.

Reduces Water Bills

Let’s imagine for a moment that Tampa has no water use restrictions. You might spend around $100 every month on water to keep the average lawn alive. That amount can increase depending on the size of the lawn and the weather.

That won’t be the case if you have artificial turf in Tampa, FL. Water is not essential to its health, so you don’t need to deal with big water bills.

Stops Water Waste

Experts estimate that as much as 50% of irrigation water is wasted. That’s right, your lawn could be doing a lot more with the water you’re giving it.

Here’s how: Water from sprinkler systems often spills over to pavements, which ends up being wasted. There’s also a risk that the soil won’t be able to absorb all the water. It’ll either stagnate and attract pests, promote turf diseases, or evaporate before the roots can absorb it.

You can cut down or outright eliminate lawn water waste if you install artificial grass. After all, you don’t need to irrigate it!

Embrace Water-Wise Landscaping With Tampa Synthetic Grass

Now is the time to give back to the environment and we can help you do it. Here at Tampa Artificial Grass Pros, we have premium eco-friendly artificial grass for landscaping. We can help you design and set up your installation too.

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