Your dogs need a safe and comfortable environment to play and exercise. Your yard can be the perfect place for them to run around and play freely. However, the type of grass it has can have a huge impact on the safety and health of the dogs. While real grass may seem like the obvious choice, artificial turf in Tampa, FL offers more safety benefits.

Risks of Real Grass

Real grass requires regular maintenance, and it can’t withstand the wear and tear that comes with playful dogs. Dogs love the scent and softness of real grass and will often dig or roll on top of it, which can damage the roots and cause bald spots in the lawn.

The biggest risk associated with having real grass is exposure to harmful chemicals that may be present in fertilizers or pesticides used on your lawn. Dogs can ingest these chemicals when they walk on it and lick their paws. That could make them sick enough to need a vet, depending on the chemical’s toxicity and the amount ingested.

Why Artificial Grass Can Be Safer for Dogs

Here are the reasons why you’re better off letting your pups play on a synthetic lawn than a real one:


Artificial turf in Tampa, FL is free of harmful chemicals and pesticides that are often used on real grass. These chemicals can be toxic to dogs if ingested or absorbed through their skin. The same risk is present in natural fertilizers, like mulch.With artificial grass, there’s no risk of exposure to these harmful chemicals because it doesn’t need them to stay healthy.


Natural lawns need a ton of water to thrive. While that by itself does not pose a risk to dogs, it can cause problems if the area has poor drainage. Puddles can form on it, and if rodents pee on it, they can contaminate it with leptospirosis. Consider that the next time you spot your pets having fun in puddles.

Artificial grass has excellent drainage, thanks to its infill and perforated backing, so puddles won’t form on its surface. It also dries quickly because it’s water resistant.


Dogs are known to dig and scratch at the ground, which can damage real grass and create holes and uneven surfaces that can be dangerous for dogs to run on. They can trip or hurt their claws or paws while playing.

Artificial grass for dogs in Tampa, on the other hand, can withstand heavy use, so it’ll still be pristine after your outdoor pet playtimes.

Easy to Clean

Real grass can collect dirt, mud, and other debris. These can stick to your dogs, matting their fur and clumping on their paws. It’s a hassle to wash them off, and they can hide pests and diseases that can spell trouble for your pets.

Artificial grass, however, is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that the dogs remain clean and healthy. Just clean potty areas immediately and hose down the turf from time to time, and it’ll stay fresh and clean.

Ensure Your Pets’ Safety Today

If you’re looking to give your dogs a fun and safe play area that can withstand their antics, then artificial grass is definitely worth considering! And there’s no better place to get it than here at Tampa Artificial Grass Pros.

We understand that your dogs are part of your family and you want only the best for them. That’s why we use only premium-quality pet turf products in our installations. We also offer landscaping solutions, so your outdoor pet space can contribute to your curb appeal.

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