If you think that Tampa synthetic grass is only good for phenomenal landscapes, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. This versatile material has proven itself equally beautiful for interior design applications. If you’re looking for low-maintenance ways to style up your home, these ideas are a great place to start!

Creative Designs for Your Home Using Synthetic Grass

It doesn’t take much to beautify your home using synthetic turf. All you need is a team of expert installers on your side, quality artificial grass and your own creative ideas! Get décor inspiration from the following:

  • Create an accent wall using synthetic turf.

    Make a statement with an accent wall made of artificial turf in Tampa, FL! Choose a room with bare or scarcely embellished walls, then cover the most prominent one with synthetic turf. You can leave it as it is and enjoy a beautiful wall of lush, green grass or take it a step further by:

    • Integrating artificial plants and flowers into the turf for a vertical garden look
    • Hanging big pictures or mirrors to offset the huge expanse of green
    • Placing a meaningful quote in the middle of the turf to create a statement wall
  • Use artificial grass to frame nature.

    This is a great idea if you want to have an accent wall without completely covering a wall with synthetic turf. Talk to your installers about getting a wall frame and covering its mounting board (the part where you attach a photo or painting) with artificial turf. You can add synthetic plants and flowers if you want. The result? A gorgeous framed piece of nature.

    There are two ways to integrate this design idea into your home. You can either use a frame that’s big enough to cover most of the wall or use several frames. If you pick the latter, you can opt for ones with different shapes and sizes. Consider installing synthetic turf of different colors and pile heights on each frame for variety.

  • Green up dividers with artificial turf.

    Turn drab dividers into room accents with Tampa synthetic grass. The lush, green turf visually and physically softens the edges of the partition, reducing the risk of bruises due to accidental bumps. Add synthetic flora into the turf or mix different artificial turf types to spice up the design.

Spruce Up Your Space with Top-Quality Synthetic Grass

Once you’ve picked which design idea you want for your home, reach out to Tampa Artificial Grass Pros to discuss your project. Our talented installers would love to help you polish your designs and recommend other creative ways to use artificial grass.

Aside from residential design and landscapes, we can also take care of installing your pet run,play spaces and backyard putting green in Tampa. Call us today at 813-999-0524 for a consultation and a free quote!